onsdag den 18. april 2007

I have for a very long time wondered if it would be possible for the ordinary everyday guy to actually make money on the Internet.
The possibility to reach out to millions of customers with your product is astounding. But how to do it and what to offer the customers, that is a good question. If you could sell a product, a virtual product to a nice prize to just a very small percentage of the Internet users, you would still get a huge amount of money at your bank account!
If you make a Google search for "making money", you´ll get an idea of how huge a market there is for making money on the net. You´ll get maybe 450.000.000 results! And if you take a look at some of these results, you´ll see promises for millions and millions in your pocket!
The more you study the different offerings, the more confused you´ll be. Can it be true? You can read testimonies from happy customers, who have changed their lives and got wealthy overnight!! It can´t be true..
But yes, it can happen! Maybe not overnight and maybe not millions, but it can be done!

You must find a way that appeals to you. Should it be a real product you must handle and post to your customer or a virtual product, you could distribute via the net or maybe you could sell a product for another merchant and avoid all the hassle with packing, posting, refilling the stores, handling complaints and so on. That's sounds good, right? Let the other take all the trouble and you take the money! Right!
As a matter of facts, it is real! It is the Affiliate business. You advertise a product for the manufacturer and tell people where to get it and you´ll get a percentage of the sale from the manufacturer. Clean and easy!

You can do the affiliate business with or without a website. Your provider has his website. You must just link to it to get the customers to his "store" The more customers you can direct to the store, the better are the chances to make a sale and to get your part of the deal.
The vital part is TRAFFIC... the more visits to the website, the more potential customers and sales!
Are you interested in making some money as an affiliate you should go to sites, which have specialized in collecting affiliate businesses. Here you can search for precisely that product, you would like to advertise, sign up and start to spread the word!
Click Bank
is one of the biggest.

Affiliate Showcase
is another very fine possibility.

You could go for a packet solution. It offers a product, the advertising and a step by step manual to get you set up with a business that runs for it self, when it is established... all you got to do is counting the money on your account!
An example of this is
Autopilot profits
Here you´ll get everything in one place and by the way, it´s free to join! That's a marvelous way to make a living on the Internet!